Our chèvre is produced in small batches with milk from our own goats. Milking season starts in March and ends in December. We don't believe it is in the best interest of our goats to subject them to artificial means (lights and hormones) to induce them to breed out of season for winter milk. We freeze cheese curd during the summer to meet purveyor needs year-round.


Our six main varieties of chèvre are: Original, Tuscan Harvest, Sea Salt & Dill, Onion & Pepper, Garlic & Chive, and Garlic Thyme


We also rotate several other flavors: Tarragon Mustard, Dill Garlic, Lemon Thyme, Lily's Savory, Whipped Honey, Creamy Chocolate, Cardamom Ginger, Sweet & Saucy, and Honey Mustard.

Whenever possible, we buy our cheese supplies and equipment from small local companies (Bob-White SystemsAll Kitchens of NH).  The herbs and seasonings we use in our chèvre are from Nutmeg Spice Company, a small New England company that takes pride in their high-quality product. Everything we get from them is certified gluten-free.